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Project Leap Year


Project leap year is a website done by Trevor Harman, and it features a cool concept: What would you do with that extra day every four years.
The website is very pleasant and brought me an immediate smile.
So be sure to check it out at http://leapday.glg.com/ and be sure to leave a pin.


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Absolute World

Today we have one from C4rlos: http://www.absolut.com/iaaw

It’s still beta, but already quite usable, as always C4rlos proving himself as maker
of dreamy previously thought impossible websites!
Keep up the great work mate!

Update you can read more about it in C4rlos’s blog post.

ps.: I won’t even put a picture, you just have to see it for yourself, and note that the boxes are draggable.
ps2.: It’s a beta, so leave your comments, and be conscious that the final version will be better.

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Today John announced infrared5 new website, and he did it 5 days and it was his first project for his new work, congratulations on that one John!! He did an impressive work and he even stated that there’s a killer feature left out, we’re waiting for that one!
So without further due here’s the link: http://www.infrared5.com/ir5/splash/main.html.
Also be sure to check out John’s blog and drop him a line.

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Nike The Armoury


Nike, along with Audi, has to be one of the companies getting more PV3D action on it’s micro websites.
This time we have The Armoury, it’s a exquisitely crafted website that showcases Nike’s range for Football (soccer) boots. It features a nice 3D gallery with some slick transitions and sweet sound effects.
So check it out here: http://www.nike.com.au/thearmoury/

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RSVP – Break the drought


http://www.breakthedrought.com.au/ RSVP is an Aussie dating website that has just launched a campaign to help stop the drought in Australia by changing consumer habits. And they just got a nice socially driven PV3D website to go with it.
It’s an appealing website with loads of content as everyone that pledges to help has their own raindrop, so be sure to check it out at: http://www.breakthedrought.com.au/, and wether you’re an Aussie or not read trough and help save the planet.

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BKM is a music studio that has made some impressive work and just got a website to go with it.
It’s sleek, sexy black and shows a nice sense of depth. Following the trend of making the content more accessible trough the usage of Papervision3D it features a simple yet functional navigation and nicely laid out content.
Check it out here: http://benjaminkahle.com/

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MediaPartners group


MediaPartners launched a very sexy gallery like website with tons of content and sexy blurs. It’s a brilliant display that lot’s of information and 3D can go hand in hand.
It makes the whole experience look simple and easy, all the content is right at hand thus avoiding the need to go clicking through a deep tree of links.
So as always here’s the link: http://www.mediapartners.nl/

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