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Mathieu Zylberait just finished is T-Shirt website. It’s a refreshing take on how to present a t-shirt layout and very artistic as well. It’s t-shirt design meets 3d-goggles!!

Be sure to check it out at: http://mra-tshirts.com/

Ps.: The t-shirts are quite cool, might even considering buying one myself!

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Kenzo Flower by you

Kenzo Flower by you is a creative experience with poppies! You can photograph and upload your own flower to the platform and it will become part of their field. It’s a wonderful experience and an overall cool idea.

So check it out: http://www.flowerbyyou.com/home.php

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I just stumbled on this PV3D website Gwiazdoora which seems to be a 3D gallery for pictures and art. I loved the minimal feeling to it. It’s smooth and quite enthralling!
Abstract navigation at its best!

Be sure to check it out here: http://gwiazdoora.pl/

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TwittEarth is YAPGW (Yet Another Papervision Globe Website), but it’s cool and new and nicely rendered and it has functionality! It shows live Twitts from all around the world!

So be sure to check it out at: http://www.twittearth.com/

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Dasai is a creative company from Spain that made themselves a very cool PV3D website, we can say it’s their own little world.

Check it out here: http://www.dasai.es/

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Under is northernmost sneakers’ store and showroom, in Norway. They have a fancy shoe gallery made with PV3D 1.5.

Check them out here: http://www.underunder.com/store/
Check their blog at: http://www.underunder.com/blog/
PV3D Full post: http://blog.papervision3d.org/2008/04/19/under/

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Audi RS6

Following a series of AUDI PV3D websites the new RS6 was no exception. Created by GT London, it’s an amazing experience with great visuals and sound effects.

Check it out here: http://microsites.audi.co.uk/microsites/RS6/index.html#/intro/
Also check out the full post on PV3D’s blog: http://blog.papervision3d.org/2008/04/17/audi-rs-6/

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