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The neighbourhood

The neighborhood is an animation studio from the UK that has decided to have a great PV3D website. It’s a classy deployment featuring nice illustrations and smooth navigation.

Be sure to check it out at: http://www.the-neighbourhood.com/

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Be part of history

Today we have one of the best uses of PV3D that I’ve come across.
Shackleton Digital, from Barcelona, pulled off a brilliant display of good 3D with a great interactivity. The website is a virtual replica of a real monument and it a massive work.

So be sure to check it out: http://www.formapartedelahistoria.org/

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As most you might have noticed, and if you didn’t you should really pay more attention to details 😉 , we did a little overhaul on the looks and features over there on the right (hope you like it, if you don’t well tell us why, we’d love to know). To come with this WP theme we needed a header image or it would look even more default than it already does, and we wanted something unique.
So I skyped up my mate Gabor and asked him for a Decorator (further info down in the links) generated header, which he did in about 10 minutes, 3 of them! Impressive hum?
Well below we have our three candidates and we’d like You to help us choose one! So leave your vote on the comments and in a few days we’ll have the winning header there!
1 –
2 –
3 –

Ps: If you feel like it create your own version of our header using Decorator and we’ll submit it for appreciation.

Reference links
Decorator blog post: http://flashguy.de/blog/index.php/2008/04/17/decorator-beta-released/

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BlackXS the Game

Today we bring you another great experience done by Hellohikimori, BlackXS the Game.
The experience was developed for Paco Rabane with the Prison break theme. You navigate through the experience with the arrow keys and open the sections by pressing space, it’s truly impressive as they achieved a dark yet sexy atmosphere with great sounds and great sounds!

So check it out here: http://puig01.simplerezo.net/blackxs/
Papervision3d entry: http://blog.papervision3d.org/2008/04/15/black-xs
Hellohikimori blog entry: http://www.hellohikimori.com/theblog/?p=268

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Here’s another game made with the Papervision3d + Box2d + Tweener.
Today’s game is brought to us by speedok and it’s an airhockey game, it has great physics while still being quite reactive and not being skimp on the graphic side.

So be sure to check it out here: http://www.webgamesarefun.com/spacehockey/

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Discovery earth live, is one of the best uses I’ve seen of 3D online, it’s smooth, informative and the 3D adds to the experience but doesn’t take the focus out of the information that’s displaying.

Earth live is powered by Away3d and it does brilliantly well displaying overlaying videos, animations all while still giving you all the possible interaction.

So check it out here: http://www.discovery.com/discoveryearthlive

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Today we have yet another framework designed to work in conjunction with Papervision3d ( or Sandy3d), Cast3D.
Cast3D is a 3D animation framework library, what it does is it creates the foundation for a key-framed geometrical animation, it supports both geometry and texture morphing, a couple of different splines – like bezier – and plenty of other useful feature. Also Cast3d has it’s own XML file, but they also supply a nice little 3ds converter so all you have to do is click click and you’re done!

So check them out at:http://www.cast3d.org/ see the demos, and drop them a line.

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