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Papervison3D meets Phidgets

Today we bring you the Borg version of Papervision3D, Jeff Winder from seedylifestyle just released a nice video showing the integration between Phidgets and Papervison3D. What are Phidgets you ask, well Phidgets are real life sensors that can be easily assembled and connected to your PC and then provide any application with real world input, much like a keyboard or a mouse but with other cool stuff.

So be sure to check it out over at Jeff’s blog: http://seedylifestyle.blogspot.com/2008/04/papervision3d-and-phidgets.html

Ps: As a good papervisioner, Jeff made his source code available.

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Alejandro González from Zerofractal Studio, just announced the release of a 3D Tree interactive navigation powered by Papervision3d. It enables you to have a cool directory, or navigation, for your documents / website for a mere 30$ and no coding! The results are impressive and definitely worth it.

So be sure to check the live example at: http://tree3d.zerofractal.com/Live_Example.html

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FFilmation is not Papervision3d. Instead it’s an isometric flash engine focused for games. It’s makes the whole game creation easy, and straightforward. It supports beautiful lightning, shadows, bumpmapping and plenty of other features that are nothing short of impressive.
Also it’s free and open-source which means that we can all pitch in and give them hand!
So go on to FFilmation‘s website, check the demos, download the api and the getting start tutorials and drop them a line.

Here’s the link: http://www.ffilmation.org/website/

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In this years web industry awards, Webby and FITC, has seen a great influx of Papervision3d powered websites. In total we have 6 Webby nominees and 3 FITC nominees! This has truly been a great start for Papervision3d.

So check the nominees for the Webby awards here and the nominees for FITC here.

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Today we bring you not a website or a demo as usual but a new framework that runs on Papervision3d.
Paperworld3D is, and I quote from the original website, “many things – it lets you create multi-user applications, yes, but it also gives you the tools to create large games, quickly, localise them to a particular language or region, and manage everything in your workflow – so your designers don’t need to code, and your coders don’t need to design, and anyone with a basic knowledge of xml can edit a config file and setup or edit a game quickly without having to recompile and deploy.”

So this means that Papervision3D is now habilitated to become a serious platform for online gaming. Reading about what it can do, and watching the videos available at Paperworld3d’s website just makes me want to drop everything and go try it out!

So check it out yourself here: http://paperworld3d.com/

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Today we have a truly Papervision3d experience for you. Beehive‘s creative director, Paweł Schedler, just sent me the link for their latest PV3D project, an interactive building for The Centre of Contemporary Art “Znaki Czasu” in Torun (CoCArt).

They made an excelent job at it, creating two different types of navigation, and in the ‘advanced’ one you can actually ‘walk’ inside the center and browse to the different items just as if you were there.

Also the whole thing is driven by their BEE 3D CMS which is beautifuly crafted to match the website, a truly advanced tool.

So here you go:
CoCart: http://ecsw.pl
BEE 3D CMS: http://beeblog.pl/en/?p=14

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Park Seasons

Today we have a simple demo by Den Ivanov. It’s a small demo that shows us the different seasons of a little park as we rotate it. And altough simplistic it’s still really well done and quite pleasing. There’s an overall nice feeling about it.
So check it out: http://www.cleoag.ru/labs/flex/parkseasons/

Ps: Try the scrollwheel 😉

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