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From Billy Lamberta comes what has to be one of my favorite websites out there, lets hear his say:

The goal of the site was “clean, functional, and fun.” We used a
Modern typographic design and combined it with some 3D and physics to
convey playfulness and allude to the theme “design as build process.”

The physics is handled using Box2D and if anyone is curious, I’ve
posted a little demo with source that shows an example of using it
with PV3D. PaperBox2D: http://www.lamberta.org/blog/paperbox2d/

Be sure to check it out here: http://danielskrok.com/


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Finally we have the Portfolio form Arnaud Vaillant here’s his say:

I wanted for a long time to work on a “real” project with pv3d, and needed to get me a nice portfolio…so I thought : “hey, lets make a papervison portfolio !” I used simple 3D shapes (i’m definitively not a designer !) and spent a quite long time working with the folding effect and optimization. I think I like the result, I already have tons of ideas to improve my site, that will appear in the few months to come.

Congrats on the awesome work!

Be sure to check it out here: http://www.lascenseur.biz/portfolio/

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Maskedummies is a community site for Ford Company and it’s awesome! There I said it.
Cool layout, smooth transitions and sexy elements topped with a nice soundtrack make it a very impressive usage of Papervision3D.

Be sure to check it out here: http://www.maskedummies.com/

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Alan Rabello told me about his latest work for JOY a model agency in Brazil. It’s a cool website with an awesome soundtrack. With smooth transitions and some PV3D eye candy.

Be sure to check it out here: http://www.joymodelmanagement.com/

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Cédric Schaff told me about Pictosome’s latest work here’s his words:

We are a company involved in CGI and IT, in specialized domains such as architecture and science.

We wanted something genuine and eye candy to present the portfolio in architecture, and Papervision was the best choice.
It’s not a technical achievement, but this is ours.

Be sure to take a look over at: http://www.pictosome.com/architecture/

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From Italy comes a site by Vergani&Gasco for Vimercati a manufacturer of traditional furniture, represents in every creation. The site presents in a modern style the best of production. With all the bells and whistles common to Papervision3D.

It’s worth a look here: http://www.vimercatimeda.it/

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The folks at pure-communication.be had a very cool idea for their xmas card, here’s their say:

We made this years Christmas card in papervision 3d.
The basic idea was to give our clients a little insight in how we like to get down during our Christmas party. Our clients can also chose a present from underneath the Christmas tree by clicking on it (the actual present will be sent to them later on). You can also click on each employee to get a personal greeting from them.

Be sure to check it out at:http://www.pure-communication.be/xmas2008/

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