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Just came across this website for mckinney and boy was I impressed! It’s hands down one of the coolest usages of Papervision3d out there with awesome text, nice and smooth transitions and lot’s of eye candy everywhere!

Be sure to check it out here:http://mckinney.com/

Ps: If you’re the author of this website contact me so that I can give you credit 😉

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From Jason Villmer comes the release version of Lucid, it’s a Video Panorama with impressive options and it works so smoothly it’ll leave you thinking about it.

So be sure to check it out here: http://www.lucid.it/

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From Rhinofly comes a news website for a Dutch University with information about their students around the world, and of course it does this by showing a world with news displayed on them 😉

Be sure to check it out here:http://www.mijnwageningenuniversiteit.nl/wereldvanwageningen

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