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Andy Zupko just released his latest reflection demo, and it’s impressive to say the least.
Check it out here: http://blog.zupko.info/?p=156

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Loockas just announced his first big project done in Papervision3d, and what a nice one it is.
Here’s his description:

Ragnarok Flash is a free browser-based game written in ActionScript3 using
Papervision3D for displaying 3D graphics in Flash Player.

It’s still just a simple demo but it shows a lot of potential and seems easy to evolve into something grander.

Be sure to check it out here:http://www.ragnarok-flash.toras.pl/
And the full post here.

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Tim Knip just announced that his company has released the 4.0 version of Floorplanner, an amazing 3d floorplaner that’s sure to impress, and help, you, some of the latest innovations are the usage of a BSP-Tree and the ability to load .KMZ objects into it.

So be sure to check it out here: http://www.floorplanner.com/weblog/en/looking-for-beta-testers/
And the demo: http://beta.floorplanner.com/demo/

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Carlos Lunetta just finished his latest experiment for Terratv it’s a beautiful ‘commercial’ featuring Seb’s particle class and his own craftsmanship to achieve a very cool result.

Be sure to check it here: http://www.terra.com.br/TerratvatCannes2008ingles/index.htm

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Frank just did a released a nice projecte entitled The Exibition which features two rooms with artwork and experiences.
What’s interesting about this one is that it uses both PV3D and Away3D, so you start in the red room (Away3D) and then get to move on to the blue room (PV3D). Altough it’s not a really fair comparison given that the PV3D room has a simpler model than the Away3D room still you can see the differences in how the engines react.

So be sure to check it out at: http://labs.anymotion.de/

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Tag Galaxy

Tag Galaxy was done by Steven Wood as his thesis, for which he chose Pv3d 1.5.
It’s a Flickr search app that displays the results in a different way, it ‘converts’ tags to planets and displays the photos as the surface of those planets. Really cool concept.

So check it out here: http://taggalaxy.de/

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PV3D Dancer

Chloridrik just gave a heads up on his latest experiment, a 3D dancer! It’s a cool demo, and definitely worth a click.

Link: http://chloridrik.free.fr/lab/tecktonik/

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