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From Jason Villmer comes the release version of Lucid, it’s a Video Panorama with impressive options and it works so smoothly it’ll leave you thinking about it.

So be sure to check it out here: http://www.lucid.it/

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Nate, from Dynamic Net Creations, just published a really cool demo, complete with source, of an inverse kinematic arm that will perform handwriting. Really cool stuff and most definitely worth checking out.
Kudos to Nate!

Check it out here: http://dynamicnetcreations.com/blog/?p=44

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Clint Hannaford, from digital pictures, just told me about their latest experiment with Papervision3d, and boy is it impressive. They used PV3D to build a small augmented reality demo that you can test for your self!

Find out how here:http://interactive.digitalpictures.com.au/?p=392

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Stephane just finished a cool experiment involving a sound visualizer and 4 really cool songs, at first it seems like your run-of-the-mill visualizer but soon you start to see the craziness of it!

Be sure to check it out here: http://lab.st-f.net/AS3/soundSpectrum/soundSpectrum.html
And check the blog for more info: http://blog.st-f.net/index.php?post/1970/01/01/Sound-spectrum-Papervision-20-TweenMax-visualizer-experiment.

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Jess Brouse, from Late Night Puppeteers, just told me about their latest portfolio and experiments site. And after browsing through it, I have to say, that although the design might not be the best out there, it’s impressive from a technical point of view.

Be sure to check it out here: http://latenightpuppeteers.com

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I’m proud to bring you the latest work from pkage, they just finished a cool project for one of Lisbon’s hippest clubs, Musicbox.
Here’s what how they explain it:

his microsite is made to show the highlights bands in the popular dance club MusicBoxLisboa,
the mais ideia is use the logo 3d Cube to show the info. ( http://www.musicboxlisboa.com )

In this application we use the PV3D / Great White.
Slideshow / start automatic if no action are made
Random Color / change color in a custom array color

They’ve achieved a cool final result that deserves big props!
So be sure to check it out here: http://www.musicboxlisboa.com/highlights/
Or if the server is slow due to popular demand: http://www.pkage.com/clients/musicboxlisboa/

Props to: Nuno Salvaterra and Pedro Martins

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Eva Artinger recently released “you change the exhibition”, a work she did for her Master program in Digital Media.
Here’s her say:

“You change the exhibition” is a conceptual Museum 2.0 add-on for the upcoming exhibition “Taranaki Culture – Fresh out of the Box” at Puke Ariki Museum in New Zealand in 2009. It visualizes the interest of the museum visitors in each exhibition object. The project will help to find the most interesting objects of the exhibition.

Be sure to check it out here: http://www.youchangetheexhibition.co.cc/

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Maxime Montegnies just told me about his latest Papervision3D Experiment a GeoCoder that gives the latitude / longitude from an address, town or country. A simple experiment but nicely done, lets hope Maxime publishes the code ;).

You can check it out here: http://www.montegnies.net/demo/geo

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Our good friends over at bestiario.org did it again, as they always do with their amazing interfaces they now did it for Harvard Berkman.

It’s hard to find words for the beauty, usability and pure coolness of the interface you really have to see it!

Be sure to check it out here: http://www.bestiario.org/harvard/b10/

And for further information check:

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