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Loockas just announced his first big project done in Papervision3d, and what a nice one it is.
Here’s his description:

Ragnarok Flash is a free browser-based game written in ActionScript3 using
Papervision3D for displaying 3D graphics in Flash Player.

It’s still just a simple demo but it shows a lot of potential and seems easy to evolve into something grander.

Be sure to check it out here:http://www.ragnarok-flash.toras.pl/
And the full post here.

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Pete Hobson just annouced his latest instalation using Papervision3D, a game for the HTC Touch Diamond. It’s a cool game where you have to tilt the phone to get the ball to hole and progress as the levels become more and more complex, altough I seemed to suck at playing it and couldn’t go past level 3 :).

Anyway be sure to check it out here: http://www.touchdiamondgame.com/nl/

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