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From John over at Webber Design is a re-launched version of Titty Bingo, a site that we featured last year.  Here is what John had to say about the re-launch

The new TittyBingo.com is now a true juggernaut of a website created in Papervision3D. The new site is full of hundreds of photographic planes and 3D Models which together create a true online world. Just about everything inside the website is in someway interactive. The ‘texas asteroid’ was modeled in Swift3D 5 and exported using the Export to Papervision3d feature. All content is editable through simple content management. Each person in the “crowd” can have a YouTube video associated with it to play when clicked. The guitars are the opposite and fly out to meet the camera. Slideshowpro Director is integrated into Papervision3D and can be see on the video screen over the stage. Slideshowpro Director is also utilized in 2D space to play videos, photos and to run the “Texas Music Museum” (Give the Alamo a click). Each of Titty Bingo’s 4 albums are represented by our interactive “Song Posts”. Each song title can be clicked to play that track. There is much to see and the site can be navigated using the Arrows and Page Up/Down keys.

Be sure to pop over and check it out for yourself here .

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From our friends over at Webber Design comes their latest rock band site, here’s their say

We have let another Papervision site rip this week. This time for a band that broke up in 1986 in the middle of recording their debut album, Not Afraid. 20 Years later, Julian, our client and the main singer/songwriter came to us not afraid to release his music after all this time. He was completing his life long dream, the album that had sat ‘in the can’ for two decades. He was very clear that he didn’t want this to feel ‘retro’ but timeless as he felt the music was just that. Our team decided to build him the custom ‘Dancer Theater’ where the band would come back to life after all these years. All we had to work with was a hand full of Black and White photos, 10 songs, some home videos and his recently designed album artwork. With a little imagination, a lot of photoshop and Papervision3D we brought them back in full color at the big concert they never had.

So be sure to check it out here:http://www.dancertheband.com/

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