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Daniel Scheibel, the Senior Developer at Big Spaceship, just told me about his latest endeavour, a cool relaxing website for Corona.
Here’s his description:

It was challenging to creating one big 3d environment that includes a lot of interactive objects, integrates seemlessly with other parts of the site
and still provides a fluid user experience and broadcast quality imagery throughout the whole website.
We used Papervision3D to create the enormous beach environment in which you can pan left/right/up/down.
The background is a huge texture mapped on a custom sphere, created in cinema4d and converted into a collada file with the help of blender.
The key was to add the (interactive) objects partly within the pv3d scene, partly as a normal 2d-movieclip on a new layer on top of it.
For every 2D-Movieclip we added a new DisplayObject3D to the scene whose screen-x/y/z position is used to change the position and scale of the 2d-Movieclip.
So all the 3d movement could be easily controlled within papervision3d.

Most complicated features:
Integration of a huge wave/shore-video that completely runs within papervision and doesn’t kill the framerate of the site.
Dragging down the sun to change the environment into a night scene.

So be sure to check-out this cool project at: http://www.thecoronabeach.com

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