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From Ha-py.com comes Ha-py island. A cute walk around and good use of pv3D

Check it out for yourself here: Link

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Jonathan Minori, a senior interactive designer at Struck Creative, just told me about their latest creation for Mario Super Sluggers wii game.
Here’s his say on it:

“We just launched a site to promote the new Mario Super Sluggers game for
the Nintendo Wii. In partnership with Goodby, Silverstein & Partners we
created this online card trading game where kids can collect all 41 cards
that feature characters, places, special moves etc from the game.

The site already has 30k+ users and at a point there were 1700 trades
going on a second! Kids can find their cards through interactive banners
or by trading with their friends through the web site.

All of the card interactivity on the site was done with Papervision3d. By
clicking on a card in your collection it will flip and bend into view.
Also you can drag your cards to the ‘drop zone’ or swapping area and
notice the bend based on mouse movement.”

It’s a really really cool concept and it’s amazingly well done, you have to register to be able to see it but it’s definitely worth it!

Check it out here:http://www.mariosupersluggerscards.com/

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In part two of the Meta4orce post we’ll showcase all the 6, yes SIX, games that Iain, from Bloc, brought to our attention.

We start off with my favorite:
Deadsphere Pt. II

This one somehow reminds me of Tron and has a great feeling and atmosphere to it, the objective is to go through a maze while avoiding the little critters that roam it.

Then we have the Deadsphere Pt.I

It features a similar concept to part II, but this time we’re in first person mode, and what an experience it is.

Moving on to Shock to the system

Imagine a perfectly common turret defense game, but in 3d and with a Tron feeling to it, you got it!

Still three to go and let’s find some clues with Under the surface

Here the player has to float around in a dark moist setting and try to find the clues in the set, there’s a cool little 3d map to guide you.

One more, Pandora

Here we have a collection of 2d games set in 3D cards, overall very smooth integration and fun.

And last but not least: Pier to Piers

In which you’ll pilot a hovecraft while chasing a speed boat and try to hit it with a sort of EMP discharge, everything runs at an incredible framerate and smoothness, impressive!

Uff, that’s a lot of games for one post and definitely an amazing job by this team, again congratulations guys!

Reference links:
Pier to Piers
Under the surface
Shock to the system
Deadsphere Pt.I
Deadsphere Pt.II

Iain’s blog post, with all the references and story about the development: link
Bloc: http://www.blocmedia.com/

Pt.I of this post

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Tomy the Jumper

Today we have a cool game from a regular submitter, Beestudio.
Tomy the jumper is a beautifully designed game with a style that I love, however I can’t seem to get that far in the game, but I’m sure you will 😉

Check it out at: http://www.beestudio.pl/beegame/

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