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From our friends at Webber Design comes Camp is Cool Taking their brand of collage art to another level, here is what john from webber had to say about the new project:

” Unlike our other clients where we create a fantasy world, Camp Balcones Springs has a physical location they wanted to showcase.Camp Balcones Springs is not just another day camp and wanted a new website to reflect that fact. Our first instinct was to travel to the Camp and photograph as much of it as we could.  After a few hours we took some 800 photos of the entire facility.  The client gave us a map of the facilities which includes a river which created the back side border of the camp with a white sand beach.  We decided to turn the map upside down so our opening would come in from the beach and not from the less visually interesting highway side.

The client requested a “cartoon” feel after our first mock up, so back at the lab, we began the process of recreating the camp in 3D Flash. We stylized each image using a combination Photoshop Filters & colorizing tools.
The site ended up a perfect split between art and content. “
Check it our for yourself here : Link

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Today we have yet another one from John Webber, from Webber Design, let’s hear his say on it:

We this was a joke when we first got the call to make a Cornhole site. Turns out Cornhole is quite popular in States like Ohio, Texas, Oklahoma and now California. Fresh off of our TittyBingo.com Papervision theme park, we started out on this one with the same depth in mind, but on a wider scale. This is the kind of site we can build on, the design is very free and open to possibilities as the company grows. I also composed the music several years ago and it finally found it’s home on Cornhole Beach. We snuck in a few Kegs into the scene so you know this is no Corona Beach (no Glass!).

Be sure to check it out here: http://www.westcoastcornhole.net/

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From John Webber, over at Webber Design, comes a really cool site to promote a singer from Austin, TX who is breaking out on his own as a solo artist after many years as the front man of a well known Austin band Damesviolet. Our first instinct was to create an old building, but his management team said go futuristic. We also had total creative freedom down to the photography which we art directed and shot by our sister Anna. This is the design we came up with to bring Beaux to life. Try out the SWFaddress back button action. You can also hard link into any “page” and the camera moves to the appropriate position.

Be sure to check it out here: http://beauxloy.com/

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John Webber, from Webber Design, just finished a website for the Texan band Titty Bingo, one of Willie Nelson’s side projects. It also serves as an unofficial Rock N Roll hall of fame.
Definitely one of the most wicked sites out there and with an amazing soundtrack!

Be sure to check it out here: http://TittyBingo.com

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