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From Brian Kadar, over at Freedom + Partners, comes a site that will surely climb to your top favorites. It has a really refreshing take to online music and interactivity and uses Papervision3d to greatly improve the experience! Congratulations on job brilliantly done!

And as hint once you start the game, press P+J+(0-9) to unlock the tracks and see the visualizer. 😉
Remember you heard here first.

So be sure to check it out here: http://www.pearljamtengame.com/
And read more about it over at Brian’s blog: http://www.briankadar.com/blog

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From DEVM-Games, comes a very cool game of TILT, a tried and proven concept in the real world ported brilliantly to Papervision3D. With nice physics and perfect gameplay this is one of the best examples of Papervision3D for games out there.

Be sure to check it out here: http://devm-games.com/#tilt

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From Mike Cann comes what has to be one of best uses of Papervision3D out there, with retro graphics, cool sound effects and an amazing gameplay here is Flashteroids 3D!

Be sure to check it out here: http://www.artificialgames.co.uk/?page_id=52

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Brian, along with Dan Adijans, just told us about their latest game, Q-Ball. After playing it for a while I grew quite fond of it, it’s smooth, fast and with great gameplay! The objective is
to try to kick the football at the golden premier cups, try and get as many cups before the timer runs out.

Be sure to check it out here: http://www.adijans.com/q-ball/

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Multiplayer Memory Mayhem is a frantic update of the old memory game where you have to turn over pairs of cards and try to remember what was under each one. The multiplayer aspect makes it much more frantic and fun as other players are looking at the same cards at the same time as you and you don’t want them to steal your pairs! It was created by Kelvin Luck (http://www.kelvinluck.com/) and Leigh Kayley (http://www.hoppermagic.com) using Papervision 3d, PureMVC, GTween and the Nonoba Multiplayer API. The use of papervision is fairly subtle (cards flipping under an orthographic camera and the score table when different players take the lead) but effective.

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Muskedunder just released another of their fantastic games, and this time they’ve outdone themselves!
They did ‘guitar hero’ in Papervision3D and boy did they achieve an awesome result. Cool animated 3d characters, awesome camera work and most important of all fun!

So be sure to check it out here: http://www.pepsi.se

– Click a character to select difficulty level (LÄTT = easy, MEDEL =
medium, SVÅR = hard)
– Press FGHJ in rythm with music
– Enjoy!

Developed by Muskedunder Interactive for TriggerMomentum and Pepsi Sweden.

Ps: thanks to Johan Peitz for the heads up.

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Jonathan Minori, a senior interactive designer at Struck Creative, just told me about their latest creation for Mario Super Sluggers wii game.
Here’s his say on it:

“We just launched a site to promote the new Mario Super Sluggers game for
the Nintendo Wii. In partnership with Goodby, Silverstein & Partners we
created this online card trading game where kids can collect all 41 cards
that feature characters, places, special moves etc from the game.

The site already has 30k+ users and at a point there were 1700 trades
going on a second! Kids can find their cards through interactive banners
or by trading with their friends through the web site.

All of the card interactivity on the site was done with Papervision3d. By
clicking on a card in your collection it will flip and bend into view.
Also you can drag your cards to the ‘drop zone’ or swapping area and
notice the bend based on mouse movement.”

It’s a really really cool concept and it’s amazingly well done, you have to register to be able to see it but it’s definitely worth it!

Check it out here:http://www.mariosupersluggerscards.com/

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