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From the Guys over at Boffswana Comes Optus Whale song, Use your keyboard to communicate with a whale or write a song for the whale and have an orchestra play it back to you.

A Great job and Great fun, be sure to check it out here : Link

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After paper pallets we present you Papervision3D Cereal! That’s right, Roger from partlyhuman just wrapped up his latest website for Total Cereal, and it comes with story:

Me and papervision have been like akward teens at a dance. I think
maybe our eyes have met and we’ve quickly looked away. I can’t be sure
it likes me, and I’m too nervous to go ask it out. But I finally got a
really good excuse to approach it.

A client of mine called me with an emergency project. Their developer
was nowhere to be found and the site had to launch in 5 days. That’s 3
business days mind you. The site was about cereal. Cereal, that comes
in boxes. Nice, rectangular prisms. Just begging me to render them in
3d. The storyboard even had a depth of field effect (later killed by
the client, why does this thing have to be blurry?! we can’t see

And so, it seemed destiny. And yet, dangerous as well. Just five days,
to build a whole site? And I would try to learn papervision at the
same time?! Could it be done? I summoned up my courage and crossed the
dance floor…

You can catch the whole story here.

So be sure to check it out over at: http://www.totalcereal.com/

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