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Here From Mike at allink we have a microsite for Swiss beer brewer Feldschloesschen.

Featuring a  3D  background that responds to mouse movements its a cool site and good use of pv3D

Check it out at : Link

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Cédric Schaff told me about Pictosome’s latest work here’s his words:

We are a company involved in CGI and IT, in specialized domains such as architecture and science.

We wanted something genuine and eye candy to present the portfolio in architecture, and Papervision was the best choice.
It’s not a technical achievement, but this is ours.

Be sure to take a look over at: http://www.pictosome.com/architecture/

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Today I bring you one of my own creations, here’s what Phil Suter (the consultant for this project) has to say about it:

orange8.com is the corporate website of the Swiss web agency orange8 interactive ag. It’s done in Papervision3d and has some nice features like project gallery, readable URLs, alternate site for search engines and users without flash player and more.

Be sure to check it out here: http://www.orange8.com/

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