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From George over at Disturb Media is a site launched for London Digital Week and Flash on the Beach 09: Twigital.

Here’s what George had to say about the site :

“Twigital is a ‘Virtual Event’ created for London Digital Week and Flash On The Beach by disturb media,a London-based digital agency. Twigital populates London with characters who’ve recently Tweeted about London Digital Week and Flash on the Beach ’09. If you Tweet mentioning #ldw or #fotb then you’ll appear on the landscape.”

Check Twigital out here : Link

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” Videomapping is a special 3D projection technology which is one of the most innovative communication tools world wide. It is perfectly integratable in a global communication strategy. You can make your events and advertisments more monumental and exclusive. The special projection technique makes it possible to use it indoor or outdoor. We can project onto any object or building. We are making unique animations especially for your events that is fit in your needs. The projected animation integrates well into reality. The installation is always in movement so it can grab your spectators’ attention for a long time.
A Professional designer and animatior team is at your service to make your events and advertisments more exclusive, innovative and unforgettable”

Be sure to check it out here :Link

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Sander Lammers, from Louter, announced their latest installment, a cool website for a dutch company. It’s based on a very cool concept that I won’t spoil for you, it’s best if you go there and see it for yourself.

Check it out here: http://www.epidemie.com/

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Luks Eyewear

Mike Walder, from allink.creative, just shared with us a nice Papervision3D gallery here’s his say:

We recently used Papervision 3D for an eyewear distributor’s website. When one clicks from one page to another the content is sliced in to 9 pieces and rotated.
The site is fully SEO and forward backward button aware.
The site also features a drag and drop catalogue with lightbox and PDF export functionality.

Be sure to check it out here: http://www.luks.ch

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Jon Williams, from shovemedia.com, just announced their first Papervision3D work, an impressive site for therepublik.net.
It’s a very creative experience and it certainly brings a couple of new concepts to the way that we navigate and see data.
An overall great job, congratulations guys!

Be sure to check it out here: http://therepublik.net/

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Ali, from Hotlobster, completed a cool site for Logicom France. It’s a product gallery with a cool 3D interface that adds to the experience.

Be sure to check it out here: http://www.logicom-europe.com/

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Just came across Billy’s porfolio, http://www.lamberta.org, it uses a cool mix of Vectorvision and PV3d and plenty of effects to top it off. Quite cool!

Be sure to check it out: http://www.lamberta.org/

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