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Mariano, from netageadv.it, just sent me an e-mail refering his personal website: http://www.officinanessuno.com.

It’s a beautiful use of Papervision, with a very creative navigation and a very smooth feeling to it.
Also the content you’ll find there is mighty high class. So be sure to drop by at: http://www.officinanessuno.com.

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Andy Zupko’s DepthShader

Today we have demo made in Papervision3D, it’s impressive on both technical and visual aspects.

Be sure to check out Andy’s DepthShader demo here: http://blog.zupko.info/?p=111 

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I just came across this very cool agency website, it shows an impressive gallery, be sure to check it out:


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Today I came across Papermint, and to quote them:

“Papermint is a friendly social networking game.
Papermint is a game which thousands of people all over the world can play at the same time. Choose your game character and start your new life in a vast, colourful world. ”
At the moment it’s still in the beta phase of developement but they do offer a beta registration so that you can check them out.

You can already try the character creation part and create some minty characters, so be sure to check them out at:  http://www.papermint.com/

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Darek Senkow, from Big Donut Games has been working on a great Online multiplayer platform based in Flash and of course Papervision

Although still in beta, the experience is quite impressive. You can test alot of the features, create your skater and test drive it. So be sure to check it out here: http://www.mysk8land.com/beta/ and drop them a couple of lines with feedback.

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PV3D Previewer v1.2a

Mr.doob released an updated version of the previewer using pv3d 2.0 here. It’s a useful tool for testing your models, and to get an overall feeling on the cameras and your scene, be sure to check it out.

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Puma Football

Today we have the the main feature of Puma Football’s website as a PV3d microsite, Carlos Lunetta showed it to us today, it uses version 1.7 and a nice collada model for the teams.

So check it out: http://www.pumafootball.com/ and click on the main feature to see it.

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I just came across artflash’s website, and while it’s based on a simple cube concept it’s very nicely done, smooth and overall very detailed.

Check it out: http://www.artflash.pl/

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Nike Suite23

Suite23 is a nice microwebsite for Nike made by Blast radius, it has a nice joystick like navigation that allows you to go through rooms and find out all kinds of goodies. Check it out: http://www.nike.com/jumpman23/xx3/ 

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Redbull Flight Lab

Today we have one of the best Papervision3d uses i’ve seen so far, it was done by Lessrain for Red Bull. It’s truly an experience. So be sure you check it out: http://www.redbull.com/flightlab .

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