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Tung Huynh Thanh just pointed me to a nice little image gallery component made by “kudoshinichi” available at flashden.net.

Be sure to check it out here.

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Patrick Cheatham just brought to my attention an open source project by himself and Zephyr Renner, Flashpanos.
Flashpanos is an opensource flash panorama player with plugin support and it’s currently looking for help from the comunity.
It surely looks like a cool project and they have acheived some cool results, be sure to check them out at http://flashpanos.com/.
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Most recent example:

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Alejandro González from Zerofractal Studio, just announced the release of a 3D Tree interactive navigation powered by Papervision3d. It enables you to have a cool directory, or navigation, for your documents / website for a mere 30$ and no coding! The results are impressive and definitely worth it.

So be sure to check the live example at: http://tree3d.zerofractal.com/Live_Example.html

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