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After paper pallets we present you Papervision3D Cereal! That’s right, Roger from partlyhuman just wrapped up his latest website for Total Cereal, and it comes with story:

Me and papervision have been like akward teens at a dance. I think
maybe our eyes have met and we’ve quickly looked away. I can’t be sure
it likes me, and I’m too nervous to go ask it out. But I finally got a
really good excuse to approach it.

A client of mine called me with an emergency project. Their developer
was nowhere to be found and the site had to launch in 5 days. That’s 3
business days mind you. The site was about cereal. Cereal, that comes
in boxes. Nice, rectangular prisms. Just begging me to render them in
3d. The storyboard even had a depth of field effect (later killed by
the client, why does this thing have to be blurry?! we can’t see

And so, it seemed destiny. And yet, dangerous as well. Just five days,
to build a whole site? And I would try to learn papervision at the
same time?! Could it be done? I summoned up my courage and crossed the
dance floor…

You can catch the whole story here.

So be sure to check it out over at: http://www.totalcereal.com/

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Just came across Billy’s porfolio, http://www.lamberta.org, it uses a cool mix of Vectorvision and PV3d and plenty of effects to top it off. Quite cool!

Be sure to check it out: http://www.lamberta.org/

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BYM Online Community

Heiko, from Neue Digitale, just referred me to his latest creation, a 3D room with user generated content for a, German speaking, Online Community website. It does require you to register in order to see it working but it’s clearly worth it, even if at first I struggled a bit with some of the options and understanding of how to change perspective, after I got it right I had a nice surprise.

So be sure to check the blog entry for more details: http://blog.platform7.net/?p=19

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Sakri, from Nascom, just announced their latest work and it’s nothing short of impressive, Sony Vaio 10th Anniversary’s website. It has a very cool concept of showing the history of the Vaio through 10 different rooms, one for each year.
If you’d like to read more about it check out Nascom’s blog post about it over at: http://blog.nascom.be/59/vaios-10th-birthday-with-a-papervision-site

So be sure to pay a visit to: http://club.vaio.sony.co.uk/clubvaio/gb/en/vaio10/

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Pete Hobson just annouced his latest instalation using Papervision3D, a game for the HTC Touch Diamond. It’s a cool game where you have to tilt the phone to get the ball to hole and progress as the levels become more and more complex, altough I seemed to suck at playing it and couldn’t go past level 3 :).

Anyway be sure to check it out here: http://www.touchdiamondgame.com/nl/

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We have yet another one from Emil, from Mangrove, Bavaria city racing’s website. It’s based on a cool concept of displaying the promotional videos for the different locations as a big video wall that we usually see at the circuits.
Here’s what Emil says about it:

For this I programmed the City Racing Formula 1 themed home page with the underlaying video- and photo player.
Built with the pv3d AS2 branch (!) using uncountable hacks and tricks to get things to work and optimize for performance.
Design / concept: Achtung!, Flash: Emil Korngold (programming) and Enzo Greco (animation)
In this case I was working for http://www.achtung.nl via Mangrove.

Check it out here: http://www.bavaria.nl

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Emil, from Mangrove, just finished a really cool promotion site for easypal.eu, and it promotes of all things, paper palets! It’s simple yet effective and features cool and smooth animations on those paper palets!
Here’s his say:

A site to promote, of all things, paper palets! How’s that for sustainability?
Was built using pv3d 2.0 great white, and sketchup for 3D modelling.
Design: Bram van Rijen, Flash: Emil Korngold, both working for Mangrove: http://www.mangrove.nl

Check it out here: http://www.easypal.eu/

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SDR just released a cool new gallery made in Papervision3d for Adidas, it’s a cool concept and quite well done.

Be sure to check it out here: http://www.adidascelebrateoriginality.com/index.php

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Niko Schiro, from nomatter and with graphics and concept by Jocker, just announce Cristof Echard’s new website. Cristof Echard is for a cool french photographer based in Paris, and just got himself a really cool online presence.

The site has a really cool fluid feeling to it, and the navigation brings something new into the scene, a truly brilliant work.

So be sure to check it out here:http://www.cristof-echard.fr/

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Tim Knip just announced that his company has released the 4.0 version of Floorplanner, an amazing 3d floorplaner that’s sure to impress, and help, you, some of the latest innovations are the usage of a BSP-Tree and the ability to load .KMZ objects into it.

So be sure to check it out here: http://www.floorplanner.com/weblog/en/looking-for-beta-testers/
And the demo: http://beta.floorplanner.com/demo/

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