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From Michael Domanski comes a really cool experiment that includes one of my favorite games EVE online here’s his say:

It’s completely un-optimized and the model used is over 4000 tris, but I’m already working on <500 tri equivalents to keep fps as high as possible.
I only hope those glow effects and hi-res skybox don’t kill me too soon 🙂

PS. To achieve somewhat acceptable skybox quality I had to use doctored 6x 512×512 textures – otherwise they looked too pixelated.
Preferably I’d use some HDR rendering, but is it possible in PV3D&Flash without a tremendous hit on performance?
I’m definitely staying with low quality so texture diffusing is out of question, what do You think?

Be sure to check it out here:link
And leave your comments on where to go next.

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Inlineshuffle game

Today we have a very alpha preview of an Inlineshuffle game, Alex just posted it on the list so that we can all test it out, check it out here: http://www.winx.ws/gridtest.html

And here’s Alex press release:

“During the game developing i must to change or rewrite some things from original PV3D and probably i should more for ex. z-sort. problem.
I’ve to rewrite the ISM and make DisplayObject3DEvent adding full keyboard functional wiring, mousewheel, onEnterFrame and other events which one D3O should have for this and other games.
I’ve to rewrite the Sound3D so it take some factor (puck speed in my case) and depends of distance of the camera and not of the (0,0,0)
Cos of DAE of the Scene was 0,9MB despite we try to use as simple models as possible counting on physics perfomance as main goal and not building cheap scene, i’ve done Max2PV exporter so exports opptimized objects……”

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