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Yahoo! Newsglobe


We seemed to have missed this one, and it’s a big one from Yahoo!
Newsglobe is an interesting way of seeing the news with geo-positioning, it takes its information from Y! News RSS and uses Yahoo! maps for the position.

So be sure to check it out at: http://next.yahoo.net/download/newsglobe/index.html.

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Monster Burnout


Mr. doob announced his latest work, it’s really cool burnout making game. It uses a modified version of PV3D and box2dflash for the physics.
It’s amazingly fun to just burn out in a nascar car doing donuts and watching all that smoke.

So be sure to check it out at: http://www.sprintenterprise.com/burnandbrag/54080328140238

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Picture 2.png

Konrad announced the lauch of EMLab.
EMLab is a cool experience with subtle yet impressive PV3D work, and amazing camera work. As Konrad put it it was Filmed in PV3D ūüôā

Be sure to check it out at: http://www.emlab.pl/experience/index_en.html

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Malcolm McLaren

Picture 1.png
Today we have Malcolm McLaren bbc radio2 experience, it’s a surreal yet appealing experience.

So be sure to check it out: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio2/malcolmmclaren/flash/

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After sometime down due to an almost broken arm we’re back with a lovely demo from officinanessuno.

Mariano just told me that their project audioscapes was selected for Openroom at OFFF.

Audioscapes¬†is¬†and¬†quote¬†“an mp3 player in 3d. Each stream/song is a 3d
object reacting the song in its own way. The chars are in
the environment and the user move through them.”

So be sure to check it out at: http://www.officinanessuno.com/greatWhite/audioscapes/colladaDance/ and leave them a comment.

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Quilmes Rock08

Picture 1.png

The other website that Luis from Lumia showed me is a site developed for Quilmes the main beer company in Argentina. Every year this company makes a big music concert in the city. This is the micro-site developed for this particular event. We use papaervision 3D, Flex 2.0, Flash 2.0, Poser 7 and 3d Studio max for collada elements.
Check it out here: http://www.quilmes.com.ar/musica/rock08/default.html

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Lumia – Games page

Picture 2.png

Luis from Lumia just brought to my attention two websites this is the
Micro-site of the company for games development for websites. This was our first 3D experiment with papervision 2.0 and the Great White branch with the effects included. With this particular project we have movieclips from AS1, AS2 And AS3. We used a lot the flash cs3 flex component export. The main project was developed in flex 2.0.

Check it out here: http://www.lumia.com.ar/games.htm

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Project Leap Year


Project leap year is a website done by Trevor Harman, and it features a cool concept: What would you do with that extra day every four years.
The website is very pleasant and brought me an immediate smile.
So be sure to check it out at http://leapday.glg.com/ and be sure to leave a pin.

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Absolute World

Today we have one from C4rlos: http://www.absolut.com/iaaw

of dreamy previously thought impossible websites!
Keep up the great work mate!


ps.: I won’t even put a picture, you just have to see it for yourself, and note that the boxes are draggable.
ps2.: It’s a beta, so leave your comments, and be conscious that the final version will be better.

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Today John announced infrared5 new website, and he did it 5 days and it was his first project for his new work, congratulations on that one John!! He did an impressive work and he even stated that there’s a killer feature left out, we’re waiting for that one!
So without further due here’s the link: http://www.infrared5.com/ir5/splash/main.html.
Also be sure to check out John’s blog and drop him a line.

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