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Stephan Tanguay, flash developer and Animator over at Organic.com, recently completed a very cool Papervision3D banner here’s his say:

[…] a rich media banner that uses Papervision3D to create an interactive driving experience where a 3D Jeep Wrangler will drive across a topographical map to the users mouse cursor. The Jeep Wrangler drives up and down the hills of a topographical map adding a lot to the 3D experience. This banner is placed on in market sites on the Yahoo, MSN and AOL content networks. We had to work closely with each content network to get them to go beyond the typical 90kb / Flash 8 banner spec and the end results are very impressive when compared to a typical rich media banner.

Be sure to check it out here: http://www.undergroundaward.com/Jeep3D/

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