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From the folks over at bestiario comes a new project “Bioexplora” here is what Jose had to say about the new project

The Natural Science Museum of Barcelona Data Base contains 50.000 records so far collected along one century. Most of the register are mollusc, vertebrata and artropodes. They belong to places all over the world. The Data Base will be updated until reaching the total amount of collections registered (around a million).

The information is structured following the Darwin Core Standard, developed by the Global Biodiversity Information Facility GBIF (for whom museum is one of the information providers).

Bestiario developed this interactive space that allows access to the records collections in the Museum Data Base.

The interactive options are

-drag and zoom the map to selected geographical location and scale
-select/deselect geographical layers in order to have different views
-click on an active (containing registers) square to download all the registers located in the selected area.
-a zoom-in framing the selected square will display more detailed locations (with a depicted precision radius) of the registers. Zoom into selected square is activated by clicking arrows in corners.

Be sure to hop over and check it out for yourself at : Link

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