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And we’re back…

After a long time without posting we’re back with the latest, coolest Papervision3D projects out there! We also have a few new features enabled like ratings and will soon launch our Twitter feed so you can keep track of what’s happening.

I’ve been keeping track of all of your submissions and please keep sending them over!


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Aaand we’re back

As most of you might have noticed I’ve been away for a bit more than a month on a much deserved rest.
That said I’ve plenty of cued submissions that I’m gonna make sure to post over the following weeks.
Also I’d like to apologize in advance to everyone who submitted and won’t get a reply, but there’s quite a few of you, so here goes a global thank you for all of you who help Daily Pv3d.

Also for ’09 I plan to continue the interviews and to increase the posting frequency (time allowing of course).
And on an end note, if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them!

Happy ’09 and thank you!

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Here we are at Flash on the beach ’08, I’ll be attending the event and posting the developments over at Dreaming in Flash, and if you’re attending be sure to look for the Daily Papervision3D T-Shirt and say hello ūüôā

See you there!

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Our good friend Ralph Hauwert will give a nice pre-event workshop over at FITC named Papervision3D From the Core, here’s the description:

In this one day course we will cover a great part of the capabilities of the Papervision3D API for Flash. From concept to execution Ralph Hauwert will take you through the process of creating an implementation of the Papervision3D api, be it an application or website. During the day we will cover Papervision3D hands-on, with narrative by one of the developers of the API.

Relevant links:
Ralph’s workshop: http://www.fitc.ca/presentation_detail.cfm?festival_id=62&presentation_id=724
FITC full event details: http://www.fitc.ca/event_detail.cfm?festival_id=62

So for those of you who can attend, it’s a must!

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Piotr just brought to my attention his latest website, Flash simulations. At the moment it just features a little demo of the mighty FSO Polonez!
Also Piotr tells me that in the future he’ll post demos and experiments PV3D related there, so be sure to bookmark it and check it out: http://flashsimulations.com/

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http://dev.papervision3d.org/ was launched a few days ago, and in case you still don’t know about it drop by and check it out.

Here’s a quote from the about:

Here you will find developer news and announcements, significant SVN updates, tutorial links and useful content for the Papervision3D community.

Aiming to build a bridge between companies and designers and developers we will also post PV3D job offers.

You can submit related news, tutorials and job offers

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As¬†most¬†you might have noticed,¬†and¬†if¬†you¬†didn’t¬†you¬†should¬†really¬†pay¬†more¬†attention¬†to¬†details¬†ūüėȬ†, we did a little overhaul on the looks and features over there on the right (hope you like it, if you don’t well tell us why, we’d love to know). To come with this WP theme we needed a header image or it would look even more default than it already does, and we wanted something unique.
So I skyped up my mate Gabor and asked him for a Decorator (further info down in the links) generated header, which he did in about 10 minutes, 3 of them! Impressive hum?
Well below we have our three candidates and we’d like You to help us choose one! So leave your vote on the comments and in a few days we’ll have the winning header there!
1 –
2 –
3 –

Ps: If you feel like it create your own version of our header using Decorator and we’ll submit it for appreciation.

Reference links
Decorator blog post: http://flashguy.de/blog/index.php/2008/04/17/decorator-beta-released/

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Discovery earth live, is one of the best uses I’ve seen of 3D online, it’s smooth, informative and the 3D adds to the experience but doesn’t take the focus out of the information that’s displaying.

Earth live is powered by Away3d and it does brilliantly well displaying overlaying videos, animations all while still giving you all the possible interaction.

So check it out here: http://www.discovery.com/discoveryearthlive

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FFilmation is not Papervision3d. Instead it’s an isometric flash engine focused for games. It’s makes the whole game creation easy, and straightforward. It supports beautiful lightning, shadows, bumpmapping and plenty of other features that are nothing short of impressive.
Also it’s free and open-source which means that we can all pitch in and give them hand!
So go on to FFilmation‘s website, check the demos, download the api and the getting start tutorials and drop them a line.

Here’s the link: http://www.ffilmation.org/website/

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In this years web industry awards, Webby and FITC, has seen a great influx of Papervision3d powered websites. In total we have 6 Webby nominees and 3 FITC nominees! This has truly been a great start for Papervision3d.

So check the nominees for the Webby awards here and the nominees for FITC here.

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