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From Santiago Ortiz, over at Moebio comes a retro 3d visualization of a Voronoi city, a great work indeed.

Be sure to check it out here: http://moebio.com/research/voronoicity/

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From Jérémie Sellam, over at leschinois, comes a very big and awesome site for Orange’s spring collection. Its ambience reminds me of Mirrors Edge but without the redness and the camera wobbling.
They’ve combined a great design and fluidity of animation to achieve an awesome end result.

Be sure to check it out here: link

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From Gerb Sterrenburg comes a followup on a previous experiment, and this time it’s even more mind-blowing as no special hardware is needed, you really have to see the video to see the awesomeness of the work that Gerb, along with StrafWerk did.

So be sure to check the video on his blog: http://www.gerbster.nl/2009/04/07/head-tracking-in-flash/

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