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From Koen Boncquet at Snakeflash comes 3 Words ,which uses youtube,flicker and twitter to create  a mash – up for your search terms to create a strangely addicting little game.

Great use of pv3d !

You should all pop on over and see it for yourself at : Link

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From the Guys over at Boffswana Comes Optus Whale song, Use your keyboard to communicate with a whale or write a song for the whale and have an orchestra play it back to you.

A Great job and Great fun, be sure to check it out here : Link

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From Ha-py.com comes Ha-py island. A cute walk around and good use of pv3D

Check it out for yourself here: Link

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From Brian Kadar, over at Freedom + Partners, comes a site that will surely climb to your top favorites. It has a really refreshing take to online music and interactivity and uses Papervision3d to greatly improve the experience! Congratulations on job brilliantly done!

And as hint once you start the game, press P+J+(0-9) to unlock the tracks and see the visualizer. 😉
Remember you heard here first.

So be sure to check it out here: http://www.pearljamtengame.com/
And read more about it over at Brian’s blog: http://www.briankadar.com/blog

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From DEVM-Games, comes a very cool game of TILT, a tried and proven concept in the real world ported brilliantly to Papervision3D. With nice physics and perfect gameplay this is one of the best examples of Papervision3D for games out there.

Be sure to check it out here: http://devm-games.com/#tilt

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Here’s a nice xmas game ( I know a bit late again ) from Joseph Huang here’s his say:

The premise of the game is that “It’s been a tough year for Santa Claus, so you better watch out!”

Some unique aspects of the game:
– Unlike the typical over-the-shoulder third person view, the camera is in front of the player looking back.
– Player moves across the surface of a small planet instead of a flat ground for infinite playing surface and interesting perspectives.
– Because of the above two aspects, skills that help for game play is good use of peripheral vision and memory of where objects are.

So be sure to check it out: http://www.bajibot.com/xmas2008


Developer: Joseph Huang
3D Model Animation: Mart Yu, Claire Chang
Character Design: Yiju Chen
Art Direction: Vincent Mei, Anthony Santos
Concept: Lauren Brooks, Nari Kim and all of the above.

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