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Digital Media 09

DM09 is “the promotional website for the 2009 Digital Media Class of Hyper Island Stockholm”.
It’s a cool concept to make an info page for a class looking for internships, and plus the agencies can submit their own video to get an apprentice!
Overall it’s quite well done, smooth and clean and a good example of how PV3D can be used to portray image galleries and provide an alternative navigation concept.
But the best part are the videos, they’re just brilliant!

So check it out here: http://dm09stockholm.com/, and go get your company a cool apprentice!

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Omine Sound Visualization

I just came across a simple yet cool sound visualization powered by Papervision3d over at http://blog.omine.net/.
So be sure to check it out at: http://blog.omine.net/2008/04/21/pv3d-sound-vis/

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First part of The Memory Project, an online 3D image bank (made with PV3D) of the 21st century ‘cyclorama’ created by artist Jason Bruges.

Inspired by Bluebook, the artist Jason Bruges has created The Memory Project – a 21st century ‘cyclorama’. The structure camera-captures panoramic moments in time and stores them within its digital memory bank. Inside, visitors can explore the stored history of the installation and interact with the displayed 360 degree images.

Check it out here: http://www.o2memoryproject.com/
And leave the guys a comment here: http://www.blog.lessrain.com/?p=638

By Less Rain.

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My city soul

My city soul is a concept that made me fall in love with it. It enables us, the users, to add our city’s soul to the map and produce amazing results. Also it features a sexy and smooth interface.

Check it out here: http://www.mycitysoul.com/

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http://dev.papervision3d.org/ was launched a few days ago, and in case you still don’t know about it drop by and check it out.

Here’s a quote from the about:

Here you will find developer news and announcements, significant SVN updates, tutorial links and useful content for the Papervision3D community.

Aiming to build a bridge between companies and designers and developers we will also post PV3D job offers.

You can submit related news, tutorials and job offers

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Creatives Unlimited

Creatives unlimited came up with a very cool navigation for something that would be hard to explain without this approach.

It’s definitely worth checking: http://www.creativesunlimited.com/

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Massive Cube

Lucas Bul just pointed out that Massive cube wasn’t portrayed in Daily, and while not necessarily recent Massive Cube is still a good example of Papervision3d’s capabilities.

So be sure to check it out here:

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Mathieu Zylberait just finished is T-Shirt website. It’s a refreshing take on how to present a t-shirt layout and very artistic as well. It’s t-shirt design meets 3d-goggles!!

Be sure to check it out at: http://mra-tshirts.com/

Ps.: The t-shirts are quite cool, might even considering buying one myself!

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Kenzo Flower by you

Kenzo Flower by you is a creative experience with poppies! You can photograph and upload your own flower to the platform and it will become part of their field. It’s a wonderful experience and an overall cool idea.

So check it out: http://www.flowerbyyou.com/home.php

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I just stumbled on this PV3D website Gwiazdoora which seems to be a 3D gallery for pictures and art. I loved the minimal feeling to it. It’s smooth and quite enthralling!
Abstract navigation at its best!

Be sure to check it out here: http://gwiazdoora.pl/

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