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Here From Mike at allink we have a microsite for Swiss beer brewer Feldschloesschen.

Featuring a  3D  background that responds to mouse movements its a cool site and good use of pv3D

Check it out at : Link

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Stickymania brings to you, your very own 3D sticky note board,cool idea and good use of pv3D

Pop over and check out the demo at : Link

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From Andrey at Stickybit comes stickybit.com ,great use of papervision3D,  cool reflective cube for the company site.

Check it out at : Link

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the profilr

“Visualise your cyber life with The Profiler and discover the scope of your interests and especially those of your friends”

From Laurent Dochy comes a Papervision3d site designed to visualise your Facebook content.

Be sure to check it out for yourself at: The Profiler

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From our friends at Webber Design comes Camp is Cool Taking their brand of collage art to another level, here is what john from webber had to say about the new project:

” Unlike our other clients where we create a fantasy world, Camp Balcones Springs has a physical location they wanted to showcase.Camp Balcones Springs is not just another day camp and wanted a new website to reflect that fact. Our first instinct was to travel to the Camp and photograph as much of it as we could.  After a few hours we took some 800 photos of the entire facility.  The client gave us a map of the facilities which includes a river which created the back side border of the camp with a white sand beach.  We decided to turn the map upside down so our opening would come in from the beach and not from the less visually interesting highway side.

The client requested a “cartoon” feel after our first mock up, so back at the lab, we began the process of recreating the camp in 3D Flash. We stylized each image using a combination Photoshop Filters & colorizing tools.
The site ended up a perfect split between art and content. “
Check it our for yourself here : Link

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Here is a website for german based company,3spin.

Here is their say on the new site:

“spin is an internet agency based in Darmstadt, Germany. Since 2008 we
create all kinds of websites, applications and games for companies and do a
lot of technical development for major German advertising and internet
Our aim was to build a website which communicates the 3spin corporate design
and our philosophy while demonstrating technical skills.
Papervision was used in combination with Vectorvision to render the 3D world
and the “spin” (SVG image). A challenge was the 3D run-time positioning of
the content planes which are generated by a CMS and the 3D bezier-tweening.
Please note that there are a lot of technical details like deep-linking,
localization and auto-pilot.”
Be sure to check it out here : Link

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You may remember Mathieu from Mr A. T-shirts, now we bring to you another project from him.
Pv3D with sound generation,play with the little man and make  sweet music.

Be sure to check it out here:- Link

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From George over at Disturb Media is a site launched for London Digital Week and Flash on the Beach 09: Twigital.

Here’s what George had to say about the site :

“Twigital is a ‘Virtual Event’ created for London Digital Week and Flash On The Beach by disturb media,a London-based digital agency. Twigital populates London with characters who’ve recently Tweeted about London Digital Week and Flash on the Beach ’09. If you Tweet mentioning #ldw or #fotb then you’ll appear on the landscape.”

Check Twigital out here : Link

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Also From the Guys over at Boffswana comes a new Augmented reality site :- Living Sasquatch.

A great job,simple and great fun to play with.

Get yourself over  to Living Sasquatch and  have a little play for yourself.

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” Videomapping is a special 3D projection technology which is one of the most innovative communication tools world wide. It is perfectly integratable in a global communication strategy. You can make your events and advertisments more monumental and exclusive. The special projection technique makes it possible to use it indoor or outdoor. We can project onto any object or building. We are making unique animations especially for your events that is fit in your needs. The projected animation integrates well into reality. The installation is always in movement so it can grab your spectators’ attention for a long time.
A Professional designer and animatior team is at your service to make your events and advertisments more exclusive, innovative and unforgettable”

Be sure to check it out here :Link

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