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Daniel Scheibel, the Senior Developer at Big Spaceship, just told me about his latest endeavour, a cool relaxing website for Corona.
Here’s his description:

It was challenging to creating one big 3d environment that includes a lot of interactive objects, integrates seemlessly with other parts of the site
and still provides a fluid user experience and broadcast quality imagery throughout the whole website.
We used Papervision3D to create the enormous beach environment in which you can pan left/right/up/down.
The background is a huge texture mapped on a custom sphere, created in cinema4d and converted into a collada file with the help of blender.
The key was to add the (interactive) objects partly within the pv3d scene, partly as a normal 2d-movieclip on a new layer on top of it.
For every 2D-Movieclip we added a new DisplayObject3D to the scene whose screen-x/y/z position is used to change the position and scale of the 2d-Movieclip.
So all the 3d movement could be easily controlled within papervision3d.

Most complicated features:
Integration of a huge wave/shore-video that completely runs within papervision and doesn’t kill the framerate of the site.
Dragging down the sun to change the environment into a night scene.

So be sure to check-out this cool project at: http://www.thecoronabeach.com

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Today we bring yet another new category for Daily, Company highlight. And what better company to start this new category than Bestiario, keep reading to see why.

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Oakley design brief was produced by slopes, and it’s a beautifuly crafted website, with a very subtle use of 3d to give it that little extra.

Check it out over at: http://www.oakleydesignbrief.com/

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Following Dreaming in Flash‘s interview with Rob Bateman, from Away3d, Daily interviewed Ralph Hauwert, from unitzeroone and one of the core team members for Papervision3d, on his thoughts on the release of Flash 10 and how it will impact Papervision3d.

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Tomy the Jumper

Today we have a cool game from a regular submitter, Beestudio.
Tomy the jumper is a beautifully designed game with a style that I love, however I can’t seem to get that far in the game, but I’m sure you will 😉

Check it out at: http://www.beestudio.pl/beegame/

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Frank just did a released a nice projecte entitled The Exibition which features two rooms with artwork and experiences.
What’s interesting about this one is that it uses both PV3D and Away3D, so you start in the red room (Away3D) and then get to move on to the blue room (PV3D). Altough it’s not a really fair comparison given that the PV3D room has a simpler model than the Away3D room still you can see the differences in how the engines react.

So be sure to check it out at: http://labs.anymotion.de/

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Tag Galaxy

Tag Galaxy was done by Steven Wood as his thesis, for which he chose Pv3d 1.5.
It’s a Flickr search app that displays the results in a different way, it ‘converts’ tags to planets and displays the photos as the surface of those planets. Really cool concept.

So check it out here: http://taggalaxy.de/

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Five3D is an AS3 vector based 3D engine developed by Mathieu Badimon, it looks to be rather cool and I’d advise you to check it out over at: http://five3d.mathieu-badimon.com/

Also check out Mathieu’s labs: http://lab.mathieu-badimon.com/

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Phil just announced his first PV3D website, it’s a really cool website with some nice details, like the full url deeplinking, and slick interface.
It’s a fresh approach to this kind of websites and definitely worth a look.

Check it out here: http://www.karimzariffa.com/

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Envolve is an initiative from Brazil, that’s compromised of three friends that aim at creating cool experiences online.

This is their first PV3D website and I’d say they managed to deliver a pretty good experience.

Be sure to check them out here: http://www.envolveweb.com.br/

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