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From James Lattimore comes his online portfolio and his first use of Pv3D. A great, cool and sleek site and cool portfolio.

Be sure to check it our here :Link

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From Jim Burrows comes  his online  portfolio built  using PV3D a really cool clean,slick,site.

Be sure to check it out at : Link

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Here is a website for german based company,3spin.

Here is their say on the new site:

“spin is an internet agency based in Darmstadt, Germany. Since 2008 we
create all kinds of websites, applications and games for companies and do a
lot of technical development for major German advertising and internet
Our aim was to build a website which communicates the 3spin corporate design
and our philosophy while demonstrating technical skills.
Papervision was used in combination with Vectorvision to render the 3D world
and the “spin” (SVG image). A challenge was the 3D run-time positioning of
the content planes which are generated by a CMS and the 3D bezier-tweening.
Please note that there are a lot of technical details like deep-linking,
localization and auto-pilot.”
Be sure to check it out here : Link

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You may remember Mathieu from Mr A. T-shirts, now we bring to you another project from him.
Pv3D with sound generation,play with the little man and make  sweet music.

Be sure to check it out here:- Link

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As a means of getting a portfolio online Stewen created this rather magnificent site using PV3D. Its a great example of what can be achieved with PV3D,and a little self -teaching.
A really great job,grabbed my attention,held my attention,a really great way of showcasing work online.

Please do go ahead and check it out for yourself at : Link

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From Bertrand comes his new portfolio for lab9, and I must confess I really love his use of Papervision3d. He chose a simple yet very cool and well done approach. With smooth transitions and simple navigation. Congrats!

Check it out here:http://www.lab9.fr/

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From KT Cheung comes his first Papervision3d work here’s his say:

I’ve just started to look at Papervision3D, but I have heard of it a while ago, believing it was something really advanced and only the “super” action script developers could do, after all I was more of a designer than a coder. So I decided to challenge myself and eventually downloaded it and made an attempt to see what I could come up with. This is my first time actually using it, and I have revamped my portfolio website, and incorporated some simple Papervision3D effects into it. I’m still looking into it a bit more, to see what other funky effects I could do with it, it seems quite flexible, and I can see myself using it a lot more.

Let me just say that KT did a very cool job at his portfolio and created a soothing experience with some nice camera work. Congrats!

Check it out here: http://www.kt28.net/

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Zara Media Design Group is a brand agency from Salt Lake City that just launched their new Papervision3d powered website, and they did a very cool job at it with some cool elements and a simple navigation that is pleasing to use.

Be sure to check it out here: http://www.zaramedia.com/

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lab25 is the home of Dave Torres a NY based developer.
It’s a cool website with lot’s of shiny tricks and intense on Papervision3d for every transition.

Be sure to check it out here: http://www.lab25.com/

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Finally we have the Portfolio form Arnaud Vaillant here’s his say:

I wanted for a long time to work on a “real” project with pv3d, and needed to get me a nice portfolio…so I thought : “hey, lets make a papervison portfolio !” I used simple 3D shapes (i’m definitively not a designer !) and spent a quite long time working with the folding effect and optimization. I think I like the result, I already have tons of ideas to improve my site, that will appear in the few months to come.

Congrats on the awesome work!

Be sure to check it out here: http://www.lascenseur.biz/portfolio/

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