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” Videomapping is a special 3D projection technology which is one of the most innovative communication tools world wide. It is perfectly integratable in a global communication strategy. You can make your events and advertisments more monumental and exclusive. The special projection technique makes it possible to use it indoor or outdoor. We can project onto any object or building. We are making unique animations especially for your events that is fit in your needs. The projected animation integrates well into reality. The installation is always in movement so it can grab your spectators’ attention for a long time.
A Professional designer and animatior team is at your service to make your events and advertisments more exclusive, innovative and unforgettable”

Be sure to check it out here :Link

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Frank just did a released a nice projecte entitled The Exibition which features two rooms with artwork and experiences.
What’s interesting about this one is that it uses both PV3D and Away3D, so you start in the red room (Away3D) and then get to move on to the blue room (PV3D). Altough it’s not a really fair comparison given that the PV3D room has a simpler model than the Away3D room still you can see the differences in how the engines react.

So be sure to check it out at: http://labs.anymotion.de/

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Five3D is an AS3 vector based 3D engine developed by Mathieu Badimon, it looks to be rather cool and I’d advise you to check it out over at: http://five3d.mathieu-badimon.com/

Also check out Mathieu’s labs: http://lab.mathieu-badimon.com/

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Chris just announced his, and his team’s, latest website: BrinkDieckmann.
It uses PV3d as a base, with a little Away3d and dynamate (in house 3d engine) vitamins, to create a cool, smooth and unique experience.

Be sure to check it out here: http://www.brinkdieckmann.de/

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Discovery earth live, is one of the best uses I’ve seen of 3D online, it’s smooth, informative and the 3D adds to the experience but doesn’t take the focus out of the information that’s displaying.

Earth live is powered by Away3d and it does brilliantly well displaying overlaying videos, animations all while still giving you all the possible interaction.

So check it out here: http://www.discovery.com/discoveryearthlive

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I’ve just come across this very cool website, from Masayuki Kido, where you can create your own little dancers and have them dance to a preset tune.

Altough this isn’t Papervision I still think it’s worth a mention so check it out here:  http://roxik.com/pictaps/  

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